iPad Pro 4th gen

Is the ipad Pro 4th gen the best tablet

Wow or Not. Well at first i was a little disappointed that Apple hadn’t done much of an upgrade from the 3rd gen iPad Pro but still why saying this, in my opinion this new iPad is still by far the best tablet on the market, I think apple tries not to change too much as they don’t want the user having to keep changing their accessories (screen size etc) and in turn upsetting the pro users .


What we think 4.5/5

So here we have again another great product from Samsung and here is why..

Samsung Tab S6

Is S7 Galaxy Tab the best Android Tablet

This if definitely the best android tablet that has ever been made and gives apple something to worry about as this is the closest Samsung have got to their Ipad Pro . This tablet will play video at 1440p and 60 frames per second HDR on the OLED Screen also this tablet has a great feel to it especially with its fantastically machined smooth corners. To read more click Read Review …..